About the tubes


Tube Sizes
5ml - 250ml
We have the ability to fill a variety of tubes sizes.

Cap Types
We offer the following cap shapes.

Flip Top Caps
Screw Caps
Break Off Caps


Laminated tubes are used for packaging product categories such as oral care, cosmetics and personal care. The oral care industry in itself contributes to almost 70% of the total production of laminated tubes. These tubes are being used increasingly in the cosmetics sector for their cost effectiveness.

Plastic tubes are seamless tubes that are used in packaging of a variety of retail products. They offer enhanced shelf life for the product and create a unique product identity. Colour tube body is an option..

Tube printing

The offset printing process provides excellent resolution and precision, while the silk screen process is excellent in coverage and "rich" feel.

Transparency and contact clarity are often used for special effects.
Possible to make the head and sleeve (tube & cap) different colours.
Foiling of extruded tubes is offered.
All tubes can be labelled.